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Construction Photographs

Welcome to Construction Photographs, the best place on the Internet to find free stock photographs on construction-related subjects. Not just royalty-free — FREE!

Construction Photographs is exactly what the name suggests - it is an ever growing collection of free photographs depicting all the phases of the construction process, from setting up the general contractor's trailer at the new job site to putting the finishing touches on the completed project.


1,000 Construction Photographs
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This website is funded by Bob Moore Construction at A recipient of the QUOIN / AGC General Contractor of the Year Award and the QUOIN / AGC Summit Award for Construction Excellence, Bob Moore Construction is one of Texas's most respected commercial construction companies, and is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2006.

All photos on this site were taken by Bob Moore Construction. Over the past hundreds of these architectural, construction, product and news photographs have appeared in print and electronic advertising and in a wide variety of nationally distributed magazines. The pictures on this site were taken with a 6MP digital prosumer camera, resulting in files that can be printed in four-color documents or downsized for use in onscreen presentations or web pages.

These free construction photographs are taken on site during the construction work. This is not a site for completed buildings or interiors. This is a photographic site of the individual workers, machinery and materials forming the construction process. serves a wide range of users, including editors, publishers, students, teachers, real estate developers, architects, engineers, contractors, web developers and the legal profession. We hope that free and easy access to quality construction photography will be a benefit to those who may enjoy or learn from these pictures.

The free photographic subjects include all 16 CSI Divisions of the construction process, including:

  • Division 01 - GENERAL DATA
  • Division 02 - SITE WORKS
  • Division 03 - CONCRETE
  • Division 04 - MASONRY
  • Division 05 - METALS
  • Division 06 - WOOD & PLASTICS
  • Division 08 - DOORS & WINDOWS
  • Division 09 - FINISHES
  • Division 10 - SPECIALTIES
  • Division 11 - EQUIPMENT
  • Division 12 - FURNISHINGS
  • Division 14 - CONVEYING SYSTEMS
  • Division 15 - MECHANICAL
  • Division 16 - ELECTRICAL

Best of all - you can use the photos for free! We don't sell our photos or charge royalty fees, nor do we sell our users' information to spam lists. Our only requirement is that each picture used must be accompanied by a photo credit and/or link back to our site. You get the photos, we get the links back to us. It's a win/win situation!

For more information about using the free construction photographs, how to modify them for different applications, etc. please read our FAQ.

If you have in interest in helping sponsor the work we are doing here, please complete our contact form.

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General - Bob Moore Construction is a commercial general contractor and construction manager offering construction management and design build construction in Dallas, Fort Worth, all across Texas and nationwide. Expert in all forms of cement or concrete construction including tilt-up construction, with 60 years of experience in building warehouses, distribution centers, flex tech buildings, call centers, retail stores and other commercial structures. Bob Moore Construction is a recipient of the QUOIN / AGC General Contractor of the Year Award and the QUOIN / AGC Summit Award for Construction Excellence.



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General Contractor Bob Moore Construction has provided hundreds of construction photographs showing all phases of the construction process. These construction photographs are provided for use to individuals and companies through Construction The construction projects photographed are located all around the state of Texas. Learn more about Bob Moore Construction at